Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Misty's Mystical Jewelry

   Who doesn't love bling?? I LOVE me some bling! especially when it's cute, affordable and meaningful. That is exactly what I found at . I found an adorable pair if earrings that spoke to my heart and i knew they were meant for me....
These earrings are so special to me. They are teal. Teal is the color of the Ovarian Cancer awareness ribbon. for my friends you already know about Marla, for my fans, here is a short story. My stepdaughter Marla lost her life to ovarian cancer on October 12, 2008. Not only was she my stepdaughter she was my best friend, and I am forever changed for the better from having known her. I wear these earrings in honor of her. They are a beautiful symbol of remembrance and awareness.
   These earrings measure just one inch long, they have great detail without being big and clunky, they are an accessory not a fashion statement. These earrings cost me $7.00 shipped! Can you believe that? Such an awesome deal! And for every pair purchased $1.00 is donated to Saint Jude's Children Hospital.
they are made with  Czech glass faceted beads, Glass pearls and silver plated parts.
   There are a lot of things to find at Misty's shop, she can work wonders with wire! I have been lusting after this for a month now....Soon the precious will be mine
How awesome is this!! It's called the tree of life. It's a pendant that can be totally customized, you can pick the wire color and the color of the crystals to match birthstones. This is a beautiful necklace and a very popular item!
   Earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, even purses! At you are sure to find something perfect for you!