Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bev's Edible Variety Shop

   Who doesn't love goodies? Especially ones that you don't have to make yourself!! Well I am happy to announce that I found an awesome little shop that is LOADS of fun and has So many good looking treats that you'll want one of everything!!!
   BevsEdibleVarietyShop  Is a WAHM operated business rubbing out of Naples, Florida, the Page is ran by Bev, who makes all the little treats. Bev is a total blast! she is so much fun and so sweet! I asked Bev about doing a review and giveaway and she jumped at the chance!
Check out this little bundle of awesomeness!!! I got to try her chocolate covered red velvet cake pops, chocolate covered oreos, a chocolate covered chocolate chip cookie, and some marshmallow pops! My kids could NOT wait to dig into these goodies!
   I live on Oregon, and Bev in Florida, with the heat i was worried about them travelling well, but aside then being a bot soft (easily solved my popping in the freezer for a few minutes) they arrived to my house 2 days after being shipped, they were in great shape!!! Bev uses gel packs, and paper, to insure that the products stay fresh and pretty!
 Red velvet cake pops! How cute are these??!
After I took a bite...Tee hee!  You can see how moist they nummy! Sharing these is gonna be a hard one!
 I didn't actually get to try this tasty looking chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookie! My kids fought over it and begged for more, so I think they liked it!!
 Chocolate covered Oreo..So cute!

 I was surprised and very pleased that the cookie stayed crunchy! most times they tend to be a bit soggy. Not these lovelies though!
Chocolate dipped Marshmallow pops!!!! It's a good thing Bev sent 2 of these, my kids attacked them!!!! So simple so tasty and so much fun!!!!!!!
Over all I was very happy with everything!! No one can work wonders with chocolate like Bev can!! She even dips CHEETOS in CHOCOLATE!!! I am SO dying to try those!!!!.
   Now, that I have your mouth watering, do you want a chance to try Bev's goodies for FREE??!!!! Well here is your chance!!! Bev would like to give one lucky winner a DOZEN marshmallow pops!!!! Totally epic right?!! So here is all the dirty details! To enter you must:
1. Be a fan of
2. ADD Bev as a friend.
3. after she adds, let her know "KBK reviews sends wet sloppy chocolate induced coma kisses"
and Finally!! I will have a discussion up on my Krafted by Kari facebook page. after you have done all those things, post done, and your email address, so we can notify you if you win!!!
   This contest will end JULY 5, 2011 !!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Juli's Jewels

   I was so excited when I found out that I was going to be able to review a pair of earrings from Juli's Jewels. I am in total awe of the talent Juli Nocita has for creating jewelry. She is one of the most creative artists I have come across in a while, her pieces are works of art. Wearable art! 

I got these beauties in the mail yesterday and I am totally in love with them! the antique brass makes the cobalt blue crystals pop. The color is so vibrant but not overpowering. Measuring at 2 inches long from the top of the ear wire to the bottom of the crystals these earrings are a stunning example of Juli's craftsmanship. I am a huge fan of earrings as most of you know, but until now I have never had a pair of chandelier earrings and I must say they are awesome! They can be dressed up or dressed down to suit the occasion. they look heavy, but are surprisingly light and within minutes I forgot i was wearing them until people started complimenting them.
Juli Nocita doesn't make just earrings, she makes bracelets, necklaces and rings as well.

Check out these awesome arm cuffs she made! For some reason I think of Dr. Who when I see them.
   Out of all of the amazing pieces that I have seen on Julis Jewels I think this is my all time favorite! I absolutely adore the contrasted colors, the masculine of the metal, paired with the feminine splash of colors and flowers. I can't get over how different each element is and yet they they come together with such beauty, It's truly stunning.

Here is the woman behind all the awesome! Meet Juli Nocita-
Here is a blurb about the fabulous Ms. Juli that I found on her Art Fire shop~
 " Juli grew up a shy, middle child and is a woman of few words whose jewelry speaks volumes about herself, her feelings and her perspective on the world. A modern alchemist of design, she melds industrial imagery and organic aesthetics together to create new and unique designs. Juli's love for asymmetrical design was immediately made apparent in her very first bead craft: a pair of mismatched earrings created when she was sixteen. She developed her eclectic style by reading about and experimenting with every style and technique she could get her hands on, from stitched bead jewelry to riveted metals and from wire wrapping to precious metal clays. No matter what Juli creates, her sense of humor & fun, love of the craft and sense of style come through."

One thing is for sure, Juli is a unique, creative artist, and you are sure to find something for everyone!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The pea pod craze!

There is a new trend in the jewelry department and I am ALL over it! Once again I am pleased to be reviewing another Misty's Mystical Jewelry item! Lets talk pea pods! These are adorable, creative pieces that combine beads and wire wrapping, to create a one of a kind piece of jewelry...
Cute isn't it! this is the item I was given by Misty to review, and I have to say that I adore it! I get compliments on it every time I wear it and it is surprisingly durable! Misty's pea pod pendants are totally customizable, you can pick your own colors for the "peas" and there are color choices for the wire too! you can get up to 6 peas on your pendant for just $8.00 shipped! Add a chain for another 4.00. I have done my fair bit of looking around at pea pod pendants, I have wanted one for sometime and I can tell you with great certainty, that you won't find a better price! i have seen pea pods sell on other pages for 38.00!
   I loved reviewing this item that I had to order a custom pod for myself!
This is my beauty, don't you just love the little leaf? The colors I chose are based on families favorite colors, most people choose birth month colors, but if i had done that I would have had 3 purple and one red lol! Misty can get any color that you might want! These make great birthday, Mother's day, Christmas or just because presents! I have a pair of pea pod earrings coming my way too! they are SO cool! you can see a pic of them on Misty's wall at she has so many creative pieces and comes up with something new every week, she is also more that willing to do customs too.
   Now for a little bit of "Behind the Awesome" Meet Misty!
"I am happily married with a 10 year old son named Cole. Besides making jewelry I am a stay at home mom. I just started making jewelry back in December 2010, I was actually looking for some inexpensive Christmas gifts for family and started seeing some hand made jewelry and thought hey I could do that lol and once I started I just couldnt stop and it turned in to an awesome little business for me  Hoping to go bigger in the future but for now I am more than happy and love my customer"

Now for the super fun stuff! Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   Misty has offered up a FREE customized pea pod pendant to one lucky winner! so, how do you win? well first you must like Misty's facebook page and tell her KBK sends love. Second if you're not a fan of my fan page yet, you gotta go like it! and finally comment in my KBK discussion tab! make sure to include you're facebook name, and email address!! The contest will be open for 2 weeks! Ready?.......Set?......GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!