Sunday, April 3, 2011

My super awesome bag of awesomeness!!

My story starts 6 weeks ago...Tax return season! I've hunted far and wide for that perfect bag, that bag that screams "Take me home and shove your keys in me.". Gucci?? no, Coach??? Please...Ugly! This momma doesn't do name brand, doesn't spend more money on a bag than her rent. Hell the most money I've ever spent on a bag was twenty bucks! But I earned that money, saved that money, I wanted something awesome, something, me...Something Brooke Van Gorey!!! Ahh just the name brings a wicked little indulgent smile on my face...Her bags, oh her bags...I'll never buy a bag from Wal-Mart or Ross Dress For Less again. This momma will only buy handmade bags!
   Brooke of Brooke Van Gorey Designs, Hand makes everyone of her spectacular bags. Most of her biggest sellers are her diaper bags. Momma's crave a custom BVG bag. Women wish they were pregnant so they had a reason to buy one. I think BVG's moddo says it best. "Mary Poppins bag. Made real!" Her bags are large, roomy and gorgeous. When I decided that I wanted Brooke to make my Handbag, the fun began. She told me she could get ANY fabric...Oh the possibilities! I had SO much fun Googeling fabric options. I found the cutest mushroom fabric. Black, with bright mushrooms, flowers and butterflies. I showed Brooke the fabric and she ordered it!!. Once the fabric came it, it came time to pic all the nifty stuff; The color of the bag it'self, the strap color, the inside color, piping, zipper, thread color, even the stitch! After all the details where hammered out, the waiting began.... And like Tom Petty sung, Waiting is the hardest part...
   I stocked her fan page on Facebook I looked on her page everyday (even though I knew it wasn't my turn yet) hoping for a glimpse of my little beauty in a pic, or an offhand comment...I think Brooke will agree that I was a little OCD..... The time finally came! i got on her page and BAM there was a pick of MY bag!, My own, my precioussss. tee hee.
Isn't it awesome???!!!!! Now I told people in my first blog that I would be totally honest! And honestly, when I first saw the straps I HATED the stitching! Now, I asked for a stitching that would showcase my super awesome rainbow colored thread. Brooke did just that....But I didn't like it. I apparently was the only one, everyone said how awesome it was...So I told myself I might like it more in person, and I do!
This is all the stuff I can get in my bag! My wallet, keys, glasses case, reusable shopping bag, compact mirror and my daughters inhaler and spacer!. It's the perfect size for me!
Here is the inside of my little lovely. It's red and black, my camera isn't cooperating. The top of the bag has a zipper to keep everything from falling it out. It also has a little zippered pocket in the side, for things you dont want getting lost in the bottom. Now that black thing in the middle? I think it's a divider..It's a bit lose and a little floppy ,so for ME it gets in the way a bit rather then helping me , I think a little snap or velcro to hold it to one side would be awesome.
Bottom line? I LOVE my bag! It was SO worth the wait! And I am SO happy that I have it! Anyone that knows me knows that this bag is just my style. At Brooke Van Gorey Designs you can get a totally customized bag 100% your style, there are several bag sizes to choose from and you can choose ANY fabric you can think of. Prices may seem a little pricey, but if you take into consideration, the time, and work that goes into these bags, they are worth every penny! The majority of Brooke's bags are custom orders, but there are a few ready to ship bags creeping there way on to other pages...Keep an eye out!