Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sweet Lil' Mama

For those of you who know me from my Facebook page you know that I am a HUGE fan of Sweet Lil' mama, Alex is the reason that I started Krafted by Kari. I am so happy that my very first review is going to be of a brand new item she is now carrying, still in the tester stage I am happy to announce the arrival of the Pillow Case Dress!!

This Is my darling 2 and a half year old Ruby, sporting a SLM original with a matching SLM rosette headband.! I am SO very impressed with the work, not only did Alex have the dress made and mailed in 2 days, the craftsmanship is awesome! Unlike traditional pillow case dresses, the straps are made from the material of the dress itself instead if ribbon. I like this idea because I find that tying and untying ribbon over and over again makes the ribbon look old, wrinkled and used, not to mention using a solid color for the straps takes away from the dress as a whole. Another thing about the straps I love is the fact that they are fixed to the dress, they won't slide off out if your little one tugs on it! I have a romper with loose ribbon straps and 3 times I've had to use a pencil to thread the ribbon back through.

here is a close up of the top quality stitching on the dress, it's very straight, very clean and I love the color!. Another awesome feature of this dress is the neckline, it's elastic! i love that feature because my daughter changes her clothes often and with traditional dresses I am worried that she will pop the stitches when trying to get her arms through the neck hole. With the elastic I don't have to worry about her mid day wardrobe changes. The great thing about a pillow case dress is that it grows with your daughter! Not only can it be worn year round (simply pair with leggings and a long sleeve shirt in the cold weather) thanks to the adjustable straps it can be worn as a shirt when it gets too short for a dress. Pillow Case dresses were so named because they used to be made from actual pillow cases is, the technique has evolved over the years and transformed into something awesome, With the millions of fabric choices, the possibilities are endless!

Ahh, the Rosette, who knew a scrap of material wrapped up into a flower could be so beautiful and popular! Rosettes are all the rage right now and you can see why! Babies, children, teens, and adults can ALL wear these cute little accessories. Alex has such an eye for these little beauties, her color combos and the bling she adds to them make them very unique. I was lucky enough to get this little bundle of awesomeness along with the dress, and they match perfectly! I was worried that Ruby may destroy the headband but it is very durable, unlike some Rosettes, Alex glues hers every inch of the way for added stability, then secures the back with coordinating felt. These rosettes can be attached to a variety of things, headbands, bobby pins, alligator clips, snap clips and even made into broaches!

   Overall I am so very impressed with everything about the dress and the headband. The colors are amazing, the craftsmanship is beautiful and durable. I am happy to be an owner of one of these cute dresses and I will be ordering more! I urge you to check out Sweet Lil'mama on facebook at  Not only does she make dresses, she also makes blankets, hair accessories, baby leg warmers, bow ties, and jewelery. You will always find something you HAVE to have, and you will NEVER be disappointed!